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Provably Potent. Perfectly Pure. Profoundly Powerful.


Lemonade Stand

We combined pure THC-P (which is awesome) with the nostalgic taste of summer’s most famous sugary citrus beverage. Now that’s a w.


Melonious Assault

Pure THC-P  meets an all-out taste bud attack. You will surrender at once to this battalion of watermelon + strawberry.


Sour Power

Pure THC-P jammed into a mind-melting combo of the sourest mixed berries on the face of the planet. Now that sh*t is powerful!


Tropic Wunder

Pure THC-P blended with vibrant island fruits. Why not slap on some Marley and forget what day it is? you deserve it!


Them Apples

Sour granny smith apple and pure THC-P combine forces to wreak blissful havoc on the tongue and euphoria in the mind.

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